Cyber-Security at its lowest level ever

Germany the Epi-Centre of the Issue

as you have certainly seen in the current reporting, the new Bitkom study on cyber security shows an even more dramatic picture than in 2019 – the total damage in companies rises to 223 billion euros per year and has therefore more than doubled since 2019.

For example, the number of companies affected by cyber attacks has increased by 23% to 86% of all companies.

Many German and international companies and even governmental institutions and courts are not sufficiently protected, and score only 0 or 2 out of 5 according to the globally established DMARC security standard

in accordance with the test carried out by us.

Also in the wide area of consultants, that should be highly alert as they handle packages of the most sensitive datasets of their clients who trust them that their data is safe, these vulnerability still exists

Looking at the international top-end priorities how to limit – as total avoidance will never be possible – cyber-crime, the GARTNER Security Summit did put DMARC on top-priority No.6 of 10 to secure companies.

Email-based techniques have increased disproportionately in these attacks by 28% to a total of 69% of all attacks.

With the COVID-related increase in HOME-OFFICE work, among other things, this gateway continues to gain in importance. On the one hand, this can be seen in the dramatically growing professionalization of attacks in the sense of organized crime (+ 38%) and the „enablers“ of attacks on the part of employees of a company as an entry point of 42% of all attacks.

Germany is the epi-centre of this development with 43% share of the origin of the attacks, followed by Eastern Europe with 37%.

As a result, the relevant demand-papers for the 2021 Bundestag election also prioritize the effective protection of critical infrastructures, and here the email structure is at the forefront.

Crowdstrike pinpoints exactly into the same direction in their 2021 Global Thread Report

The Solution:

Our client SENDMARC has created an opportunity to effectively and efficiently protect companies from such attacks by establishing completely new technology applications and services in this sensitive area.

SENDMARC can do this because they are not group-bound, so they can flexibly respond to the needs of the respective companies and implement tailor-made solutions within the framework of the respective customer infrastructure.

SENDMARC always works alongside and for the customer CIO and serves as an external service unit to relieve internal resources so that they can concentrate on the even more sensitive corporate issues.

SENDMARC is certified worldwide with additional certifications especially in Europe, Asia and the USA and, due to its origin in South Africa, can offer much more competitive conditions and guarantees than is possible for European or American suppliers. 

We have the honour to accompany SENDMARC in the course of its expansion into Europe and America and have ensured, that selected Companies have the opportunity to access special offers and conditions.

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