A success story from South Africa

Dis-Chem started out in 1978 as a small pharmacy in Mondeor. To this day, Dis-Chem stores are still owned and operated by the original founders. 

The Professional Management review still rates the pharmacy as the best pharmacy chain in South Africa. It has also been voted best pharmacy, best health store and best medical supply store in both the Pretorian news readers and Star your choice surveys. 

Dis-Chem’s managing director, Ivan Saltsman says that „Dis-Chem was built on the ethos of old-fashioned family values. However, the concept of the ‚trusted local pharmacist that everyone knows‘ is under pressure from the sheer volume of customer numbers and the increased pace of modern-day living. Dis-Chem has evolved to the next level of customer service by not only living by their motto, ‚take care of the customer and the business will take care of us,‘ but by taking it a step further in extending that caring attitude to the community at large, which will be delivered through the Benefit Programme.“

The revenue of DIS-CHEM has increased fivefold in only 10 years up to 1,3 billion Euro.
What are the success factors of DIS-CHEM?

DIS-CHEM developed a broad product offer, which is only based on the customer needs. Therefore DIS-CHEM think from the customer experience perspective.

DIS-CHEM build up a relationship program, which enables doctor advices directly at the point of sale. With this new customer experience DIS-CHEM build up a unique market- and brand position.

DIS-CHEM transform the stationary business into a digital business and has to be the first pharmacy store, which is available at any time and any place.

DIS-CHEM adapts all products and services to the different needs of target groups, not only in terms of packaging and pricing, but also in terms of communication. The various campaigns focused strictly on lifestyle, habits and attitude of different target groups. In particular through the possibility of digital advertising but also through a relationship program within the peer groups.

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