RecoMed | Building up Brand Image and helping People in Times of Crises

RecoMed is the inventor of the digital platform to connect patients with doctors in order to arrange medical appointments, digitally. As platform provider RecoMed is partner of national and international health insurances for South Africa and delivers the platform as a white label solution.

RecoMed as an independent brand has a lack of brand awareness. To establish RecoMed as the leading platform for patients, RecoMed developed a strategy to push brand awareness strongly linked with consumer experience and relevance.

The fundament of patient experience is the capability to show responsibility and practical solutions for patients in their daily life as well as to take care of them on an emotional way.

The corona virus epidemic is a challenge for all of us. RecoMed offers all people of South Africa to making necessary doctors appointments, to making the test and act responsible towards the community.

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